Thursday, August 24, 2006

Clean Up with these Winning Tips to Start a Janitorial Service

Clean Up with these Winning Tips to Start a Janitorial Service

Janitorial service is a very competitive industry that offers businesses a service that is in high demand. In other words, though starting a cleaning business seems to be a very popular business to start, there is the need for it. You will never run out of customers in this industry if you set your business up right.

It does not cost very much to start a janitorial service and the return on your investment is very high. You can start out small with just a high quality industrial mop bucket, broom, duster, vacuum cleaner professional grade cleaning equipment, portable trash cans, and other necessary equipment. You may also decide to store additional equipment in a janitor's closet on site of each building you clean so you always have supplies to use.

With this equipment, you can start out cleaning small one or two room offices, or moderately small complexes. You can clean these offices in one to four hours just by yourself. In fact, if you were in business for yourself just to provide for yourself, chances are you could make enough money with just one or two four-hour accounts.

If you are planning on starting a larger scale janitorial service, you will need to purchase enough cleaning supplies and equipment to adequately cover each floor of each building, and every bathroom. You will also have to hire enough employees who you trust to be responsible enough to finish the job for you the right way. The key is to take on the size accounts that you know you and your team can handle.

The highest cost for starting any janitorial business is the insurance that you need. You will need to purchase liability insurance if you are working by yourself, and if you have employees, you will need to be bonded as well. This is to protect you from possible damage or theft. Of course, no one wants these unfortunate circumstances to occur, but most successful cleaning businesses will not operate unless they are insured. Not only that, but many companies who call upon cleaning services will not hire you if you are a company who does not have insurance.

Not only can your janitorial service clean offices, but you can also clean houses. Generally the hourly or per job rate is lower for house cleaning than it is for businesses. The average hourly rate for cleaning a house is between 15 to 20 dollars and hour. Sometimes first time house cleaners will charge a rate of 10 to 13 dollars an hour to build up new clientele. This differs slightly from the hourly rate of a professional office cleaner, otherwise known as a janitor, who makes usually 20 to 30 dollars an hour. Sometimes this rate is less, and sometimes the rate is more.

Most successful janitorial services will make sure not to take too many spending risks but instead plan their budget accordingly. Ideally, a person who wants to start a business should have as much money in the bank as possible in order to keep the business going. Either that, or they may need to have a job or other source of income to pay for expenses while they start their business. If you need starting capital and money for operating costs you might also be eligible for small business loans. These small business loans are generally given out to people with the best credit.

Some business opportunities also exist for people with less than perfect credit. It may take longer to find financing if you do not have as good of credit, or you may have to partner up with someone who believes in you and has the money to invest in your business. If you have a will there is a way for you to invest in a business. Sometimes you can find grants for certain types of business, especially if it is something that will benefit the public at large.

Those who would be most successful at starting and running a janitorial business are those who have janitorial cleaning experience. Managerial experience would be helpful as well, and experience dealing with people would be beneficial. If you think starting a janitorial service would be right for you it may be time for you to take initiative to do so.